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Overview – Webinar Jeo Review

Product:         Webinar JEO Professional Webinar Software
Vendor:          Walt Bayliss
Launch Time:            10:00 EDT
Launch Date: 2016-05-30
Front-End Price:       $297
Sale page : Click Now !!!
Niche: Software


Author – Webinar Jeo


Walter Bayliss is the only man of this software.  Walter Bayliss is an online marketing expert and advertising specialist as well as a software developer expert. He is enthusiastic and he heartedly used his knowledge of industries to create a webinar software for internet marketing. He is known for his impressive creations like the Content Curation and Lead Geyser software.


Webinars are a fundamental method. This software is to educate and facilitate training. Thanks to its functions, it allows us to do all things and of course, this is convenience.

This Webinar is also a useful tool for promoting. It can help you promote the products you want to “sell”. They can be the products, services, and ideas as well.

Compared to other online marketing strategies, this one is not as commonly used. This means that being master the art of setting up webinars can be able to give you an edge over the competition. Factually, this technique makes its way in the online marketing world in the slowly way. This is famous for its high conversion rates.

On the internet, there are plenty of webinar software applications. And, that you can choose the best one might be a bit hard challenge. You need to make sure that it has the functions and features which are vital for the seminar you intend to conduct. Why don’t you try out is the Webinar JEO Complete Webinar?  It is thought to be as the complete webinar software of this period of time.webinar-jeo-work

Features and How It Works

  • Webinar JEO is the webinar software containing all the tactics you need to set up, promote and conduct the webinars of yours. It has an interface that is pretty intuitive. Therefore, the even newbie can use the software without any difficult. All you need to do is to launch the interface, and then choose from the tabs and menu items to promote.

Just choose Set up the Webinar otherwise, select Set up a recorded webinar to establish a live seminar. The menu options are available for you.

  • There is the time & date tab here. It lets you choose from a common selection of time as well as the formats for it.
  • Record Feature is also included. It allows you to save all the webinar and show to the next invited guests and the next joiners. From that, you can also schedule recorded seminars at a specific time. Or, you can apply or employ the countdown to build anticipation to help the joiners keep track of the time whenever their web seminar starts.
  • You can also adjust the landing pages. The software can come with pre-adjusted templates that you have the ability to use easily.
  • You can send webinar invites out and recommend smoothly to the previous joiners by copying and pasting the link of the web seminar.
  • Inside the webinar, you can employ “Go Live” button to start the camera and your microphone. In contrary, the whiteboard Feature lets you make illustrations, or you can write a summary of all the information to help joiners understand the presentation better.
  • The interactive features can greatly enhance the webinar works. For the beginners, “Chat tab” assists the users to interact more with guests and answer all the concerning from them. You can choose to have the chats for more individual and motivating feelings. One more interactive feature is the “media tab”. Here, you could freely add “Buy buttons” or “Q&A buttons” on the webinars. This is to increase the number of interactions between the 2 sides. It stimulates the guests’ interests and consequently, the number of sales increases fast. This is also the main aim of the Webinar JEO. And, you need it, right?

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Webinar JEO Review – Conclusion

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